still-life fatigue. small publication with century gothic/twentieth century/helvetica font fatigue. vegetation in portraits fatigue. vegetation fatigue. old, out-of-touch critics fatigue. light leak fatigue. the color pink fatigue. athletic aesthetic fatigue. art fair fatigue. gradient fatigue. net girl/net guy fatigue. cultural appropriation fatigue. monoculture fatigue.



Damn, in Nov, this blog turns five and i am keeping the url name until it ends, even if i wanted to change it. tumblr was quieter and nicer then. i was younger then. trying to show process/research here. i am 24, i am still learning, mang.



can we all agree to let James Franco disappear forever? stop giving him articles to write and shows in Europe. it just needs to end sooner than later.


So people are taking the ‘separate, but equal’ stance on females in editorial photography?! Haha, let’s see how long this ride lasts.



there is a faucet on the ocean of images. the blame cannot be left on the wandering eye, shortening attention spans, or ‘possibility syndrome.’ there is a responsibility to control the overflow and that comes with research and heart. many people have access at this point in time. then, what is there to do with it? why the same posts again and again? do the work if you claim or boost to have a critical eye while posting. taste is way too subjective [and pointless] to pinpoint in a dying culture so it is not the solution. but, there is always substance.


an internet age that promotes branding over talent.

2012/2013 and its relationship with seamless & still lifes.



strata vs process, what is taste?, vivid winter skies


Truly Lost

I feel sorry for/laugh at people who say their favorite show is ‘Lost’/say ‘Lost’ is the best show on television. J.J. Abrams is still a genius; a genius for making you believe so.