Episode III : Enjoy Poverty [2008] is a controversial documentary film by the Dutch artist Renzo Martens.

[i watched this tonight and I was blown away by its directness. now here’s a self-aware white dude who understands his privilege and acts upon it responsibly while remaining earnest instead of “well-intentioned.” i honestly do not think renzo went into the piece knowing how it will turn out in the end and that’s why this is important to check out. this piece deftly attacks the notion of the “National Geographic Syndrome” and the veiled “white savior complex" in art in one of the best ways possible.]


Shoot Don’t Shoot


william e. jones


the flaming lips & erykah badu - the first time ever i saw your face [nsfw]

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kilian martin: altered route


naive new beatersjersey
directed by remy cayuela

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new lunchbox clip: SINGLE FILE

[Bums, bumpers, hydrants, philly steps, crack heads, camo pants and trash cans. Another clip from lunchbox for all the 9 to 5’ers “SINGLE FILE” filmed and edited by Nick vonWerssowetz. SKATERS IN ORDER: harrison hafner-keith hanlon-adrian vega-vince duran-derek fukahara-black supremacist-alex o donahoe-ryan lennox-billy roper-vincent touzery-mike barker-cutter macleod-nick carracino-austin zito-bobby groves]


feist - cicadas and gulls


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beavis and butt-head in “butt is it art?

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"Night riding motorcycle lover Blood Orange, AKA Devonté Hynes, succumbs to a femme fatale in director Abteen Bagheri’s pop promo for “I’m Sorry We Lied.” First surfacing in UK dance-punk trio Test Icicles, the Essex-raised Hynes moved to New York five years ago and garnered critical acclaim for his alt-folk Lightspeed Champion solo project. While writing and producing for the likes of Florence Welch and Solange Knowles, Hynes pieced together the distinctive retro-infused R&B of Blood Orange, releasing the Coastal Grooves album last summer. “I’m obsessed with the obsession with the 50s and 60s that people had in the 80s,” explains Hynes. “Grease, Billy Idol, Happy Days. It might have been the last time people were cool.” Having worked previously on the video for breakout Harlem rapper ASAP Rocky’s “Peso,” Bagheri shot “I’m Sorry We Lied" over two days along the one-mile Main Street strip of the small desert town of Barstow, California. The young filmmaker drew inspiration from classic 80s noirs like Near DarkThe Wraith, and the Coen Brothers’ debut, Blood Simple, and even used footage of American Ninja 4, which was fortuitously playing on the motel television while filming. “There was something inherently cinematic about it,” says Bagheri on first hearing Hynes’s track. “It was like an updated, demented 80s pop soundtrack, dark with catchy melodies.”  [via NOWNESS]


my best fiend - cracking eggs (taken from 'in ghostlike fading')

music video from jeremy liebman with aurelien arbet